Vision Problems and glasses

Our patients think that eyeglasses or contact lenses can solve all their complaints about their vision.....sadly that's not true.
Here are a few examples of the limitations of glasses;

1- Cataracts are starting and there is a prescription change but new glasses only help a little bit. It takes years for cataracts to "get ripe" enough for surgery. During that time glasses are limited in what they can do for clear vision. 20/20 is often impossible.
2- Night driving becomes difficult and even with glasses vision just isn't sharp. This is often caused by a loss of visual  sensitivity  in the retina. Like cataracts its age related. Glasses with a no-glare lens or bright yellow lens may help, but sadly many people either give up driving at night or are extremely cautious.
3- Staring into a computer or tablet or smart phone for long periods of time often causes eye strain, visual stress and fatigue. Not to mention uncomfortable dry eyes.
Yes, having the proper glasses helps but the eye muscles have to work hard to focus up close. And all screens emit a potentially dangerous blue light that causes issues.
Lubricating eye drops and looking away from the screen every few minutes  helps. 
4- A little blurry vision even with glasses on right after we wake up in the morning. This is often caused by lying down for 6-8 hours. Since we are 75% water our corneas may become swollen (edema). Also it's why we get the 'sandman', which is actually dried up tear secretions. When we rise the fluids start to go lower in our body and our eyes should return to normal. Eye exams are always recommended for real answers to your vision issues.
Marc Gardner, Optician 

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