Common Questions

Q- Do I need to make an appointment to get my eyes examined?

A- Yes, however we may be able to see you today or tomorrow. Please call us and we will be happy to see you soon.

Q- How fast can I get eyeglasses?

A- Same day or next day many times. We have a full Lab on the premises so we have fast accurate service.

Q- I ran out of contacts and I need them now what should I do?

A-Call us and we will do our best to get your contacts ASAP.
Sometimes we can give you a pair today to keep you seeing or get your contacts tomorrow.

Q- How much are eyeglasses?

A- That's a big question. Because there are so many choices and options. There is a wide range of prices. The simplest eyeglasses start at about $59.

Q- Do you take insurance?

A- We accept EYEMED, AETNA, and a few others. We accept UFT and CSA for eyeglasses. We also give reduced prices and special discounts for many vision plans. Please ask us about your plan.

Q- How much is an eye exam?

A- The basic eye exam is $59. And the contact lens exam and fitting starts at $99. Please call us for additional information.

Q- Can I use my own frame?

A- Yes. Usually that's fine. And we don't charge any additional fees like other places do.

Q- Do you take my credit card?

A- Yes. We accept all major credit cards and debit cards. We also accept cash and checks (although checks must pass certain criteria). We also accept CareCredit including 6 months interest free. Please see store of details.

Q- Do you sell Varilux lenses?

A- Yes. Varilux progressive lenses are a premium lens that help us see as well as possible in both the distance and near. We also sell the new DIGITAL FREE FORM lenses for maximum vision at all distances.

Q- What if I'm not happy with my glasses?

A- We pride ourselves on really trying to make our customers happy. Just let us know within 30 days and we'll do our best to satisfy you.

Q- I've tried contacts but I haven't been happy. Now what?

A- Contacts have come a long way and now there are some great options for contact lens wearers. Dr. Morer is very experienced and we have every contact lens available for our patients to try.

Q- Why should I go to you guys for my eyecare and eyewear?

A- We are experienced, competent, caring and easy going. There are no fast talking sales people here. We focus on people not just their vision and we do a great job at the lowest possible cost.

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